Our Staff

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These are the people who work hard and smart to carry out Family Forward’s bold but achievable mission to create a caring economy in Oregon that really works for all of today’s families.

boardSharonSharon Bernstein is co-founder and deputy director of Family Forward Oregon. She leads our education and workplace programs and manages our finances. Sharon’s experience as a parent has solidified her understanding that we can’t make social change through individual decisions alone — we must work together as a movement. Her passion for social justice drives her work. Sharon is the mother of two young boys ages 8 and 11.

AshniebiopicAshnie Butler moved to the US from Trinidad when she was 17. Since then, she has lived in NYC, LA, Northern California, Washington state, and now Portland. When she first moved to the US, she worked in the food world as a cook, then later returned to school for a degree in American Multicultural Studies. For the next six years, she worked as an organizer for a labor union. During that time, she traveled quite a bit to different parts of the country and, among other things,organized child care workers in California. In Washington state, she became involved with Theater of The Oppressed, which became the focus of her social change work. Ashnie is also fully engaged in the growing-up of her daughter.

Lisa Frack is Family Forward Oregon’s Communications Director. Lisa joined forces with the local blog urbanMamas in 2007 to create a parent-activism blog called Activistas. She believes profoundly in the need to modernize workplaces and state and federal policies to work for today’s families. Armed with a masters degree in public policy and two kids, Lisa tackled these issues online – and found a community of Portland mothers willing to work together for workplace and public policies that better support today’s families. She previously worked as an online organizer and social media manager for the Environmental Working Group tackling environmental health policy reform.

Lili Hoag, FFO Policy ManagerLili Hoag is Family Forward Oregon’s Policy Director. She has worked in policy and public affairs in the UK, focusing on inter-generational care patterns and work-life balance policies across Europe and North America. She holds a masters in Gender and Social Policy from the London School of Economics and has been a researcher and a lobbyist.  A native Oregonian (Eugene), she is interested in using her understanding of national and international policy to frame the work we do in our state to make positive change for families.

Danielle Nichols is the Administration Manager for Family Forward Oregon. Danielle began her work in 2011 as a volunteer, leading a reading action group with local parents from her son’s school. She comes from a writing background a BA in Creative Writing and over 10 years of legal and administrative experience. She recently declined admission to law school to find a more workable solution to work-life balance for her family, joining FFO to help do the same for other Oregon parents. Danielle is mom to three boys, ages 12, 9, and 6.

Andrea Paluso is co-founder and executive director of Family Forward Oregon. Andrea is a social worker turned community activist and fervent policy wonk. She has worked in public education, community health clinics, and in international development. She has master’s degrees from Columbia University in social work and public health and a work history in public policy and nonprofit program management. Andrea hopes that our work will inspire and help parents, employers and policy-makers to create the kinds of policies that work for today’s families.  Andrea is the mother of two kids, ages 8 and 10.

LaurieTrieger_HeadshotLaurie Trieger is working with Family Forward Oregon to support a movement for family-friendly policies across Oregon. Laurie grew up in Philadelphia and enjoyed living on the Oregon coast for nearly three years before settling in Eugene in 1987. She has been involved with a variety of initiatives and organizations focused on poverty reduction, food policy, child wellness and healthy communities; including working in a women’s health clinic, serving as an advocate for a regional food bank, founding a public health nonprofit organization, and working in community economic development. She is a parent of two adult children, grandparent of twin boys, and a former foster parent.  Before all this, Laurie worked for many years in the restaurant and retail sectors.

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