You’re Invited! Equal Pay Day (Un)Happy Hour

We’re very unhappy about the persistent wage gap that underpays so many Oregon women – especially mothers and women of color who experience the widest wage gaps of all. Which is why we’re inviting you to an (UN)Happy Hour on Equal Pay Day which, in 2015, falls on April 14th in Eugene ( and Portland ( Join us!

We’re Standing Up for a Fair Shot for All!

What a day!  There were eight rallies around the state asking our lawmakers to pass (long overdue) laws that will give every Oregonian a Fair Shot at economic opportunity, security, and success. Take a look at some of the people and messages from this powerful and empowering day of action!

Unfair Scheduling: Tell Us About It

We’ve become increasingly alarmed by some of the scheduling practices used in the retail and service sectors — and we’re working to change them in Oregon. Can you help us today by: Sharing your own experiences with “just-in-time” and other unpredictable scheduling practices, and Inviting your friends and family who experience these practices to share […]