Get Involved!


Sunny and Sara, FFO Volunteers

There are many ways to be involved with the work we do at Family Forward Oregon.  Here are four key ways to plug in to get you started

  • Share your experience  - we all have one!  And the truth is, it’s the personal stories that so often sway decision makers to adopt a new, family-friendly policy.
  • Join the Family Forward Action Team.  This is our grassroots power!  It’s a great way to affect real change, meet like-minded Oregonians who share the same family-forward vision for our state, and use your unique talents go support our work in ways we just can’t do alone.
  • Become a Member!  Our work advocating for a family-forward Oregon that really works for today’s families is stronger when our member community is strong, too.  We invite you to officially join our family today!

Questions? Let me know at Looking forward to having you on our team!