For Parents

Parents are critical to this movement. Parents are raising the next generation.  They have a huge stake in the future because their children ARE the future.  Yet parents are typically not a very politically or civically active group.  Time and economic pressures make it difficult for parents to invest in larger, community concerns, and parent education focuses on individual concerns like child development and discipline issues.

At Family Forward Oregon, we know parents also care passionately about economic stability.  They tell us every day that issues like workplace flexibility, paid time off, and affordable child care are critical to their families’ day-to-day survival.

We are bringing parents together to learn about these issues and work for change.  Here’s how:

  • At our events you can meet like-minded parents, learn about avenues for change, and get involved.
  • Check out our parent resources for useful tips and ideas.
  • Tell us your story!  We all have one, and they’re very important when we’re working with legislators who want to see the real face of a problem.
  • Sign up for our email list so you don’t miss a thing!
  • Participate in or host a “High Cost of Motherhood & How We Can Lower It” discussion and action group.