Family Forward Leadership Award

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FFO-Leadership-LogoThe Family Forward Leadership Award is an only-in-Oregon award, presented by Family Forward Oregon to honor one particularly inspiring workplace in our state. Each year we select one winner from the successfully flexible group of Sloan Workplace Flexibility Award winners — a leader among leaders.  This award is unique because it focuses on equity.  That is, it honors a workplace where EVERYONE can access flexibility, including short- and long-term paid time off, flexible and predictable work schedules, and equitable part-time work.

In 2013, Cascade Employers Association won this award!  Cascade Employers Association is an exceptional, membership-based resource for Northwest employers committed to developing a strong, vital workforce. We work with organizations who know a prosperous business is built on their people. Cascade offers a complete range of services — from hiring well, to training for excellence, to dismissing effectively.

Cascade President Gayle Klampe was pleased to be honored for her organization’s commitment to flexibility:

We are honored to be recognized for our work creating a flexible workplace and quite pleased to have official confirmation that our employees use it and value it.  We believe that a flexible workplace is a more effective workplace, because when people feel respected and are able to fully live their whole lives, they want to be and can be more focused and productive at work. In the end, doing great work is part of living a great life.

Cascade was selected from our four finalists which were high scorers on the employee survey portion of the Sloan Award application because we chose to focus the Family Forward Leadership Award on the employee experience this year. The four finalists were:

  • Boly:Welch, a placement and consulting firm that connects Portland’s best employers with top talent.The 2013 finalists are four top-scoring Sloan Award winners:
  • Cascade Employers Association, a membership-based association providing resources and consulting on human resources issues.
  • FMYI [for my innovation] is a pioneer in social collaboration software.
  • Rose City Mortgage, a mortgage company offering all types of home loans.

Full Access LogoThe 2012 winner was Full Access!  Based in Eugene, this is a workplace where hourly employees have the same flexibility and amount of paid time off as managers, where no-one (to date) has had his request for flexibility denied, and where the hourly employees were the originators of the flexible policies and culture that are in place and working so well today.

A big congratulations to the entire staff at Full Access!  They are showing us all what a real 21st century workplace looks like – one that works for employers, employees and their families.

The first Family Forward Leadership Award was awarded to Rose City Mortgage in 2011.


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