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Workshop | Guiding Women Through Divorce

Women in all stages of divorce, whether thinking about separation, separating or even well into the process of divorce will benefit from: presentations by financial advisers, counselors, attorneys and mediators, holistic information and planning regarding separation and divorce, and support and resources for additional learning.

Great Ideas @ Work Newsletter | Summer 2015

Happy Summer! We’ve got news and, more importantly, a call to action. Enjoy! And please share with others in your networks. When Work Works: It’s Time to Apply for the 2016 Awards! It’s Time to Speak Up: Why you need to get involved in improving work for all Oregonians – and how to do that […]

Oregon’s 2015 Legislative Session Was GOOD for Families

What a moment for Oregon! On July 13th, 2015 Governor Kate Brown signed four bills into law that make real progress for Oregon’s working families: Sick days for every working Oregonian, A retirement security program for workers who don’t have one through their employer, Banning “the box” on job applications, and Steps to end racial profiling […]

On the Road with FMLA for 22 Years

Thanks for our partners at CLASP for calling attention to this important day:  Twenty two years ago today the rubber hit the road on the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA).  That’s when the new law actually began to reach workers around the country.   Since then, working men and women have been able to take unpaid FMLA […]

Film Screening | The Raising of America

The U.S. is a can-do nation. So why is child well-being in the U.S. so much worse than in other rich countries? How does what Paul Kershaw calls “the growing squeeze” on so many young families and caregivers—the squeeze for time, for money and for resources—“drip down” on their infants and young children, literally altering […]