TAKE ACTION: More funds for childcare!

It’s no secret that child care is expensive in Oregon. In fact, a recent report from OSU’s College of Public Health and Human Sciences calculated exactly how expensive it is in every Oregon county, and the report authors made a shocking and unforgettable comparison: the annual cost of toddler care is almost double the annual tuition at Oregon’s public universities.  And with about 18 fewer years to save up!

We think our child care affordability problem deserves a BIG conversation and ultimately a systems overhaul.  But until that happens, the state should at least adequately fund its program to help low-income Oregon parents afford the child care they need to be able to get and keep a job.  

One proven way to do that is to adequately fund the Employment Related Day Care program (or “ERDC” for short). This federally-funded child care subsidy program focuses on low-income families who struggle to afford quality care. It has proven to be an effective way to keep parents working and kids spending time in safe environments while their parents work. But the ERDC program is in danger of being underfunded (again!).

As a result, not all eligible Oregon families can receive the assistance they need to afford quality child care, and even more families who need assistance don’t even qualify.  And we think that’s a problem state legislators should fix.

Will you take a moment to ask your state representatives to adequately fund the ERDC program so all eligible families can get the support they need to place their kids in affordable care while they start and stay working?

Just click here to send a quick email now This program is working!  Let’s not reduce its potential impact by limiting its funding!  We want to increase its positive  impact by adequately funding  – and growing it!

Here’s the thing: we believe that unaffordable child care is a significant barrier for low-wage parents to stay connected to the workforce.  The ERDC program is one important, proven way to lower that barrier.  Plus, investing in child care through the ERDC program also help us to add jobs in this primarily women-dominated sector.

It’s a win-win-win for Oregon parents, kids, and jobs.

Thank you for taking the time to speak up for an Oregon where all families can thrive.

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